Special Occasions and Invitations

Manici Kasrı offers an ideal location for all your special day plans and events, with its accessible position. This unique venue serves a wide range of occasions from honeymoons to anniversary celebrations, reunions with old friends, to retreat activities. Surrounded by the unmatched nature of the Kaz Mountains and the captivating beauty of the Aegean Sea, Manici Kasrı has an atmosphere that will make every moment special and memorable.

This accommodation facility, encircled by historical and natural beauties, is also a perfect choice for couples looking for a romantic honeymoon. With its luxury rooms, private beach, and peaceful gardens, it provides unforgettable moments for newlyweds. Moreover, it offers a unique experience for couples seeking a romantic getaway for their anniversary celebrations.

Manici Kasrı is also perfect for meetings and reunions with old friends. Its calm and peaceful environment is ideal for reliving old memories and spending quality time. Whether outdoors or in our comfortable lounges, you can enjoy pleasant times with your friends.

It also presents an excellent setting for retreat and meditation activities. The soothing nature of the Kaz Mountains and the serene vistas of the Aegean Sea provide ideal conditions for mental and spiritual renewal. Whether individually or in groups, you can take time for yourself in this tranquil environment offered by Manici Kasrı and reach inner peace.

In short, Manici Kasrı is a perfect option for any special day and event, in a peaceful and luxurious environment where natural beauty and historical texture intertwine. This special venue, where every detail is carefully considered to provide unforgettable moments for its guests, will enrich each visit with new and valuable memories.

Special Occasions and Invitations